General Purpose 1, Row 56A, Plots 32-34

Summary of Names:

Mary Bradshaw (died 2nd Oct 1887, Aged 61)
Thomas Bradshaw (died 7th April 1893, Aged 67)
Isabella Willis (died 4th Dec 1922, Aged 60)


Sacred The Memory Of

The Beloved Wife Of
Thomas Bradshaw
Died 2nd October 1887
Aged 61 Years

Also The Above
Thomas Bradshaw
Died 7th April 1893
Aged 67 Years

"And Now We Lie In The Green Graveyard
With The Mould Upon Our Breasts,
Say Not Only That We Did Well, Or Ill,
Only, We Did Our Best."

In Loving Memory Of
Beloved Wife Of
Charles Willis
Died 4th Dec 1922
Aged 60 Years
At Rest

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